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Hello, I am Johnnie Greenstock!

My purpose is educating children about the importance of a nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices using the four P’s of nutrition: planting, plate, palate and play. My pals Kenneth, Molly, Briceson and Jamela represent the four P’s. Kenneth represents planting, Mollie plate, Briceson nutrition and Jamela play. The four P’s of nutrition provides a solid foundation for introducing children to the fundamentals of good nutrition and dietary practices. 


I am a champion for children and my pals are passionate about introducing young minds to health and nutrition concepts in a unique and different way.  Please help raise awareness by supporting our mission through health education, purchasing our books, products and spreading the word about Johnnie Greenstock and the 4’P’s of nutrition.


Thank you,

Johnnie Greenstock and the 4P’s of Nutrition

Kenneth, Molly, Briceson and Jamela

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