Bundle Includes: Digital Activity Book + Instructional Video + Digital Copy Of Book


Join the crew, Ken, Mollie, Jamela and Briceson on a fun packed healthy journey and discover your gateway to good health, best ways to gain energy for play, most effective natural food flavoring and natural sugars for yummy healthy fun!

After exploring the List Of 15 Dirty Ingredients is perfect timing for implementing good, healthy and fun habits and routines kids will always remember.


So, tell me if this sounds about right….

  • As a parent you need to discover healthier options and unlock the gateway to good health for your kids 

  • Learn good, healthy fun ways to avoid dirty ingredients that lead to bad effects

  • You need a powerful system that will help with energy for play

  • You feel overwhelmed as a parent at times and you just want healthier routines for your kids

  • You want to be consistent but FEAR and UNCERTAINTY cause you to doubt healthier options for your kids

  • You need help identifying the typical ways to implement healthy behaviors

  • You are tired of trying to do it all on your own

  • You are willing to invest the time, money and energy necessary to achieve




The Four P's eBook:

Johnnie Greenstock, Kenneth, Mollie, Briceson and Jamela introduce parents and children to the fundamentals of health and nutrition using four easy steps: planting, plate, palate, and play. The colorful illustrations are designed to breakdown each step in the nutrition cycle from start to finish. All in all the book is a power packed tool that can be used as a gateway for educating and teaching the importance of planting seed, food preparation, digestion, and exercise and how each building block work together to improve and wellness.


Instructional Video: 

The instructional video is fun and interactive step by step tutorial that walks you through completing the learning activities in the digital activity book.

Digital Activity Book:

The four P’s matching activity book will help you memorize each character and identify each character’s message.  Kenneth’s plant life cycle activity will help you identify the stages of plant growth starting with a seed until it reaches mature plant life. Mollie’s maze and crossword puzzle, helps you to problem solve, complete a task from start to finish and reach a destination. Jamela’s colorful activity pyramid and physical exercise guide provides a step by step guide to help you keep track of your daily exercise and play activity.  Briceson’ s fruit and vegetable unscramble puzzle will help with memory, naming and identifying fresh fruit and veggies. 


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Activity Workbook Bundle

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